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Clariant clareant. The Beginnings of a Specialty Chemicals Company


Only those who are sure of their origin can know their destination. Since its very beginning in 1995, Clariant has been in a continual process of transformation forcing it to travel the rocky road to its final shape, culture and persona. The globally operating chemical company traces its roots to two great names in the business, Sandoz and Hoechst.

Level-headed deliberation, diligence driven by the will to succeed, but chance, too, as well as long periods of lean and difficult times have brought the group considerable wealth, huge burdens and great responsibility. The chapters on its own past, no matter how problematic they might be, should not be swept under the carpet but addressed openly because a firmly established awareness of one's origins fosters professional confidence and a certainty of action and sustainability. History, to quote Lessing freely, "should not burden memory but illumine the intellect."

This book tells the complete story of the merger of two different corporate cultures as well as the challenge of expansion in vivid detail, chronicling Clariant's rise to become one of the leading suppliers of specialty chemicals in the world today. A wealth of eyewitness accounts and interviews offers a profound insight into the company's turbulent early years.